Bill Morey

Upright & Electric Bass              

In addition to touring the USA, Bill is a bass instructor, teaching out of his private studio in Mesa, AZ. What sets Bill apart from most music instructors, is his passion and time he gives to each one of his students. He devotes himself to creating personalized lesson plans for his students, catering to all of their strengths and weaknesses.


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What is the greatest challenge facing young musicians?

There are a number of challenges facing young people today. The biggest challenge in becoming a successful artist is learning responsible and caring behavior. Irresonsible behavior is shown and promoted to kids through television, radio, the Internet, magazines, and social media. In addition, many adults base their behavior on what they see and hear in the media and provide poor role models for students.

How does Bill address these issues?

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Every student is unique, and will face his/her own batch of problems and challenges. The goal from day one will be to assess and accomodate for each one of their diverse needs. Organizational skills, budgeting of time, prioritization, attention to details, positive thinking, patience, and self motivation will all be apart of the learning process. All students will be provided an audio and video recording of each lesson, to use as reference in their at home practice.

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What materials will be covered in lessons?

-All genres of music

-Music Theory


-Ear training

-Vocal training


-Reading music

-Sight reading

-Finger strength and dexterity exercises

-Setting an efficient at home practice  


-Self marketing

-Music technology

-Stage presence

-Importance of bass playing in music

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Pricing & Availability

Bi-Weekly: $150


Weekly: $125 (Consistent weekly lessons ensures the most progress)


**Monthly Payment (Beginning of Month): $400 for 4 lessons. Flexibility if lesson needs to be rescheduled.**


Available Mondays & Tuesdays, 3pm-8pm. (Flexible days/hours depending on availability)


For More Information, Please feel free to email

or Call (347) 481-5302